A Career in Sports Medicine

Sports medicine has two fields of expertise.  Sports medicine first focuses on injury treatment and injury prevention for athletes. The second focus of sports Buy Saxenda in Australia is to provide an athlete or athletes with performance enhancement.


This can be for any type of athlete.  In sports medicine you can treat:  runners,Guest Posting bicyclists, football players, soccer players, hockey players, baseball players, and many other types of athletes.  Sports medicine is open to many fields.  The goal of a person who works in sports medicine is to make sure the athletes he or she treats achieve top performance and optimal health at all times.


There are many careers in sports medicine.  One is called a sports medicine physician.  A sports medicine physician goes through medical school first and then gets educated in sports medicine.  This is when they learn to diagnose and treat sport related injuries that athletes have incurred.  A second career in sports medicine is called a sports medicine physical therapist.


A sports medicine physical therapist works with athletes to rehabilitate them from sports related injuries, muscle problems, joint problems, etc.  For A career as a sports medicine physical therapist you will need to get certified as a physical therapist after your initial medical school training.


Many college campuses offer courses in sports medicine.  Some even have job placement for people that wish to start a career in the field of sports medicine.  One great school to look into is The American College of Sports Medicine.  They offer certification in this field and are world renowned.


For more information about sports medicine you can check out a book called The American Journal of Sports Medicine.  It has details on sports medicine education and articles about sports medicine.


This career is an excellent choice for many of you out there.  It’s great to know when you are the one that helps an athlete perform his or her best.   If you are really good at it you may even get to treat the athletes that are in the Olympics!   Perhaps you will get to treat some of the world famous basketball stars or football players!  Then you too can world famous!


Common coursework in Oriental medicine colleges entails studies in Chinese medical theory,Guest Posting bioscience, herbal medicine and nutrition.  In addition, practical training in acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, Tai Chi, Qigong, and other related TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) healing techniques and treatments are included in educational programs at Oriental medicine colleges today.


Dating back thousands of years, many of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and methods taught at Oriental medicine colleges offer prospective practitioners a unique perspective into natural healing, meridian therapies and holistic nutrition in the prevention and aid in maintaining overall health and wellbeing.


Candidates enrolled in Oriental medicine colleges have the opportunity to pursue degrees like Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition, Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine or a Doctorate in Oriental medicine.  Furthermore, some Oriental medicine colleges extend certificate and/or diploma programs in Tuina (Chinese medical massage), Chinese herbal medicine, and Tai Chi, among others.


Comprehensive curriculums at Oriental medicine colleges comprise education and training in anatomy, physiology, pathology, Oriental medicine philosophy, Oriental massage therapy, traditional strategies, pharmacology, laboratory training, Chinese materia medica, herbal formulation, internal medicine, and clinical internships in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.


Upon successful completion at one of several Oriental medicine colleges, graduates earn respective degrees and/or certification; and depending upon the individual state or province, Oriental medicine practitioners and acupuncturists must acquire licensure* to practice. (*Check state/province regulations regarding licensure.)

A Career in Sports Medicine

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