5 Art Supply Containers and Racks for Your Store

Whether you already own or manage an art supply store or you’re looking to open one,Guest Posting or even if you own or are opening a store that will sell items similar to those found in art supply stores, you must make sure you have the right kinds of art supply containers and racks to display your merchandise Hemat138.

Below are five kinds of art supply containers and racks to get you started.1. Clear Plastic ContainersBecause of their versatility and durability, and the convenience they offer both storeowners and customers, it’s no surprise to see clear plastic containers listed as an ideal display container for art supplies.

Art supply store managers and owners can use clear plastic containers to display everything from small tubes or packets of glitter and sequins to buttons, beads, and other baubles. These kinds of containers are also great for holding loose paint brushes and drawing pencils and pens.Of course, clear plastic containers also work great as storage containers.

You or your associates can keep them under your countertops or in your stockrooms to organize anything from work-related tools such as rolls of sales stickers to thumbtacks for hanging wall posters.2. Acrylic Round Face Bins With ScoopsSimilar to clear plastic containers, acrylic round face bins with scoops work well to organize and display loose kinds of art supplies like beads.

The round face design of these bins add visual appeal to displays while the scoops make it easy for customers to retrieve the amount of product they want.Also similar to clear plastic containers, acrylic round face bins with scoops also work well as storage bins.3.

Slot Paper Shelves and RacksSlot paper shelves work with slot paper racks (see below) and are designed to hold paper or similar art supplies. You can find slot paper shelves in various sizes and with one, two, or three slots and you can use them to hold everything from regular paper and construction paper to sheets of stickers and stencils.

Slot paper racks are designed to hold slot paper shelves and art supply store managers and owners can find these display racks in both floor and countertop models. 4. Bucket Display RacksLike clear plastic containers, bucket display racks are found in a variety of retail establishments because they work so well to organize, store, and display various kinds of merchandise.

You can use bucket display racks to organize and display everything from small art supplies like packets of glitter and small tubes of paint to larger items like loose paint brushes, rulers, scissors, and art pens and pencils.5. Mobile Scrapbook CentersMobile scrapbook centers are crucial for art supply stores that sell scrapbooking tools.

These display racks are complete with display fixtures such as slot paper racks for holding sheets of scrapbook paper as well as flat metal racks for holding heavier items and on-roll shelves for conveniently displaying rolls of stickers.

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5 Art Supply Containers and Racks for Your Store

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